Executives And Professionals

Whether you are newly hired, an up-comer or an employee who needs to maximize his/her potential to enable promotion but lacks the time, skill or energy to invest in your professional appearance.

You may be an employee who is uncomfortable in the office, conferences and presentations OR going to be under the spotlight and you’re not confident to handle it OR you may be a manager who doesn’t know what an age-appropriate image is for him.

Here at Hemangi-personal branding and image consulting, we offer practical solutions enabling you to optimize your professional brand through image assessments giving you an edge over other employees, helping you succeed. The training provides tailor-made services to help you bridge the image-gap and guide you to move up a level polishing your image to suit the role you wish to achieve. We help you understand the influence of non-verbal communication and how your executive presence, appearance, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills are linked to your professional success. We strive to help you build an exclusive ‘Executive Presence’ making your image your unique selling point, thus helping you climb the corporate ladder.

Consultations include: 

  1. Power Of Personal Appearance (imp. of non-verbal communication)
  2. Body language
  3. Power Dressing & Clothes Power
  4. Dress for Success
  5. Workable Wardrobe
  6. Business etiquette
  7. Time Management and more….

Lets start working on your new powerful image here.

*We offer customized packages according to the needs of our clients; we maintain confidentiality about our clients *