As women we are supposed to wear many hats from being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, best friend. A woman is expected to be the queen of the household and an excellent born multi-tasker from nurturing her kids to maintaining the house budget to looking after her husbands’ needs to loving her family and in all ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

…. And sometimes, even if you do want to take care of yourself you might feel torn between your needs and the needs of your family. Often women give up on their careers, interests and social life because of the excessive emphasis placed on children, husband and family that we neglect or don’t have much time to look after the most important asset-OUR IMAGE.

This is where as women we need to understand, to make time and take equal care of yourself as you take care of your family. If you don’t have the inclination to go shopping or you’re worrying about wearing your old clothes for almost all occasions as it’s a safer option or because you’re afraid to experiment with something new or are stressed to loose weight to fit in your clothes.

Here’s your opportunity to help yourself get over this confusion and make a decision!

We help you take charge of your image and be prepared to look after it with equal dedication that you look after your family. We help you to manage time and strike a balance between your family, personal and social life. We not only help you dress and look good on the outside but also to boost your confidence and to get yourself updated to the social game. Be it a kitty party, your child’s PTA meeting or you re-kindling your love life, we help you face it with style and ease.

We strive to make you understand and apply the concepts of self-presentation through clothing grooming and communications helping you tackle family and relationships in a relaxed manner.

Consultations include:

  1. Image Impact
  2. Dress Slim & Dress to Impress
  3. Appropriate Dressing & Occasion Dressing
  4. Body Shape Analysis
  5. Grooming & Hygiene
  6. Hairstyle and makeup according to face shape
  7. Personal Style Analysis
  8. Closet Audit
  9. Wardrobe Organization & Wardrobe Evaluation
  10. Multitasking efficiently by Time Management and much more….

Lets Re-define your image here

*We offer customized packages according to the needs of our clients; we maintain confidentiality about our clients *