Hemangi-personal branding and image consulting

At Hemangi – Personal Branding and Image Consulting we help you brand yourself through your image. We aid you in putting your best foot forward for every occasion in your life be it social, personal or professional.

We believe that your image is your brand and you are your own asset.

Your image is your personal brand and it represents you at all times whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you are selling, negotiating, interviewing, networking or leading a team, success depends upon making instant connections and lasting impressions by branding yourself through your image.

What is Image Management?

Image Management is an ‘inside-out’ approach. Simply meaning, projecting your true inner self i.e. your values, roles, goals, character, psychological, personality traits on the outside through various elements such as behavior, communication, body language, clothing, styling, grooming, etiquette and appearance.

It is you presenting ‘who you are’ in the best possible way in all spheres of your life through your overall image.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is a process of people presenting and marketing themselves and their careers as brands. The personal branding concept advocates that success comes from self-packaging. Self-packaging is ‘who you are’ and branding your best self.

By branding yourself, you can advance not only in your career but also in the various roles and goals to be accomplished in your life.

Who hires an Image Consultant?

  • Executives, politicians, job seekers, homemakers, professionals, pageant contestants, or anyone looking for a confidence boost.
  • Busy men and women who need wardrobe solutions and improvisations.
  • Persons who want to improve their image and don’t know how to do so nor have the time.
  • Freshers and professionals seeking employment who want to prepare their image for a better presentation of themselves.
  • Companies looking for a course in order to improve the presentation of their employees.

Benefits of Personal Branding: (What’s in it for me)

  • Helping develop Executive presence.
  • Increasing personal effectiveness.
  • Shaping in increasing confidence – at all levels.
  • Developing impactful presentational brand.
  • Maximizing the impact of non-verbal communication.
  • Strengthening corporate image and culture, internally and externally.

Image Benefits:

  • Creating memorable first impressions.
  • Defining your personal style; dressing, grooming, and accessorizing to be current and fashion forward.
  • Using tactics to appear tall and slim.
  • Presenting corporate culture by following the dress code of your workplace while exhibiting your personal style.

Non-Image Benefits:

  • Optimizing others perception in your favor.
  • Building rapport using body language and strategy.
  • Improving personal and professional relationships.
  • Developing your networking skills.
  • Being more approachable and likeable.
  • Employing appropriate etiquette in social and business situations.