Personal Branding and Image Management

Today’s world is not about blending in because people struggle to find you; you need to ‘STAND OUT’ by building a powerful personal brand through your image. It’s like you wearing a bright red colored outfit while everyone is wearing black.

At Hemangi –personal branding and image consulting, we brand you through your image and help you recognize that branding you is all about marketing and networking yourself. Personal Branding and Image Management is a special service wherein we provide bespoke solutions by making you understand the fact that each person is different and we try to build your authentic brand around your unique image. We coach you to manage and put your best image forward at all occasions.

Personal Brand is the image of you in the minds of people. The image that they have of you and how they perceive you is your personal brand. We aid you to see who you really are –not who you think you are in your own mind, show you where you stand and where you can go.

It’s believed, “that perception is reality and reality is not reality”.

Simply meaning that what impression and impact you make on other people and what perception they have of you is important. It matters because your image is your brand; brands are about building networks and relationships. As individuals we have to be able enough to influence others in order to be successful in playing our roles or achieving goals.

Consultations include:

  1. Image Scope i.e. Client Need Analysis
  2. Lifestyle Evaluation
  3. Recognizing your Personal Style
  4. Fit & Fashion (Body Shape)
  5. Color
  6. Wardrobe Assessment
  7. Clustering & Wardrobe re-organization
  8. Makeup & Grooming
  9. Smart Shopping
  10. Etiquette and more….

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