Logic Vs. Intuition?

Logic Vs. Intuition?

Should We Listen To Our Heart? Or The Big Brain Fart –I Mean Brain-Smart?

At often times we find logic and heart in disagreement of each other.

When logic fits, gut doesn’t follow and when logic is contented, your gut acts like the big B%>$#- from the dog movie Benji where ultimately the dog goes mad and dies.Sometimes while building relationships, business or making choices the strategies baked look tasty but something about it just doesn’t feel right.

However, the question here is, is it always right to go with what feels right? Even when you are battling the situation where confusion plays the hero of the movie called your life?

How do you make a decision in such situations?

Its eazzy,

Just listen to your gut and follow your heart.

Step 1– Think out of the box to create processes and restructure your thoughts to create a new strategy that supports your gut feeling.

Step 2-List all the possibilities as to what you want to achieve at the end of your decision and how will listening to your heart benefit you to move ahead. (list the pros and cons)

Step 3 -Last and most importantly ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen if you didn’t do what you’re suppose to do and would you be happy if you didn’t do what you felt like doing and listening to your heart?

Long story short:

While making tough decisions ,re-align the reasons of the heart by integrating it with the reasoning of your brain muscles-logic.


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