Body language – Because what you don’t say counts!

The key to communicating your attitude is your body language. After your appearance and your attitude, body language and behavior are the next things people pick up while communicating with you. And your attitude determines your body language and behavior. Behavior is the way in which one acts or conducts oneself towards others. Body language determines behavior. Body language accounts for half of what other people respond to and half of what assumptions they make when connecting with you.

Have you ever felt misunderstood, or not taken seriously although your words made perfect sense? This happened to me the other day when I met a friend who wanted to discuss her wedding venue with me. Now the thing was, she went on and on…I was listening intently but, somehow she was upset and claimed that, ‘I wasn’t listening to her and wasn’t interested in her life’. So, she asked me a bunch of questions related to the topic of discussion and I answered all of them correctly. On asking her why she didn’t believe that I was paying attention, she said, “because my eyes were wandering all over the place and I kept fidgeting with my phone” .She felt that because my body language was different and not congruent to what exactly I was doing i.e. listening because of which she did not trust me. Body language plays an important role in building trust.

When your nonverbal signals like the way you look, move, react and behave match up to the words you’re saying, they increase trust, clarity, and rapport. When they don’t, they generate tension, mistrust, confusion and shows how well you’re listening. If you want to improve your communication, it’s important to become sensitive not only to the body language and nonverbal cues of others, but also to your own.

It all boils down to what signals you are sending about yourself to others and the feedback you are giving in response. Body language is one of the oldest but ignored forms of non-verbal communication. And more often than not, we are not consciously thinking about it.

So friends, only by becoming conscious can we be 50% ahead of the game!

To be continued..


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