Travel Smart With Style

Do you travel often and just aren’t a fan of packing? Do you struggle over which clothes to carry or how many gadgets are too many? Do you feel that you’re forced to choose between your favorite clothes and most of the times tempted to just carry all your clothes, accessories and makeup leaving behind your beloved tooth brush, sanitizer and other necessities with you? Do you lie awake a night before terrified thinking you have forgotten to pack something vital? Do you feel like you pack too much in a small bag that you have to use your kids to sit on your bag, to zip it close? Do you always find your baggage edging your airlines weight limits?

If the answer to some of the questions is a YES!!

BE CALM!! We are here to make the trips you take easier.

We help you overcome pre-trip panic by making suitcase planning simpler for you whether you are a frequent traveller or just vacationing or taking an educational trip. We understand that packing for a trip can be such a struggle. From distinguishing what you want to carry to what you need to take can be such a scuffle. Teaching you the art of packing smartly by limiting your wardrobe pieces, yet having multiple stylish combinations of looks.

We provide solutions to travel light and giving you extra space in the suitcase to store your shopping items from the visit. While guiding you to travel with class, we keep in mind individual’s style and travel needs. Most importantly, we help you save time and luggage fees at the airport for over packing.

Consultations include:

  1. Travel Need Analysis
  2. Wardrobe Assessment & Audit
  3. Smart shopping for fill in pieces if needed
  4. Clothes Organization and Arrangement
  5. Tips and Tricks for packing

Lets travel smart with style here

*Please schedule your appointment 2-3 weeks before the trip to allow purchase of any fill-in pieces*